Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Loudoun County VA schools now face controversy over transgender students as a teacher is put on leave for stating his religious beliefs


Loudoun County courthouse 2020/8

A teacher in Loudoun County VA was placed on administrative leave after speaking out based on his religious beliefs against allowing transgender students to use their chosen names and pronouns. 

Then a pastor at the Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg spoke out against the board, and then the Democratic Party in Loudoun county called upon the pastor to recant his remarks.

WJLA reporter Nick Minock provides the story.

But the story occurred in a backdrop of criticism of curriculum changes that some claim are critical race theory. 

I notice that in many online forums today everyone is asked to state their pronouns, no matter how obvious they think their own cis gender status would be.  That certainly sounds a bit coercive.

 Two recent articles show that students claiming to be transgender credibly are more common than we though, maybe a little under 1% by high school.  There is Fatherly article by Tara Santora, article May 27, and Atlantic (Jesse Singal), Aug. 2018. This would not have applied to me; my situation was one of dyspraxia, which is not seen as a "disability". 

Update: Later June 5  Beth Greenfield of Yahoo! News reports in detail that the teacher is suing the school district. 

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